(Photo by Shirley Ware, Medina, OH.)

Hello and welcome to my blog page.

Here I hope to share my thoughts about writing and my journey to becoming a published author. It’s a dream come true. Along the way, I hope to provide some insight so you can be published too.

To find out more about me as an author, check out my website, www.renakoontz.com


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  1. Rena, I just got a paperback copy of Loves Secret Fire. I cant wait to read it. You are the only person I know to get a book published. I see you got another. Keep up the good work. Keep in touch

  2. I am so proud of you! We’ve come a long way since that tiny newspaper office, haven’t we? I miss you and think about you. I knew you were destined for greatness. Your entire website makes me smile! Can’t wait to read the book. Love you.


  3. Hey Girlfriend,
    Was so excited to learn you are a published author. Always knew it was just a matter of time
    before your first book would be published. I know there will be many more to follow. Looking forward to reading Love’s Secret Fire. Love the cover!
    Carol R.

  4. Reeen, that looks like a Beretta M-9 on the cover. I have one of those.
    Jim Soltis

  5. Rena,
    I am so happy for you, this website is awesome. I can’t wait to read Love’s Secret Fire and hopefully many more to come.
    Linda N.

  6. Hi Rena,
    What an impressive website! We are all waiting for the release of your book. I am excited to actually know an author!!


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