Excerpt from “Thief Of The Heart”

Jennifer clapped her hands. “Oh my goodness. Who is this?” She reached for the trembling puppy and clutched him to her breasts. Max was instantly jealous of the dog.

Jennifer moved into the apartment, cooing to the puppy. “Oh, you sweet thing, you’re shaking like a leaf. No, no, no, there is no need to be frightened.” The puppy nuzzled her neck and began nibbling her ear lobe, eliciting a sweet laugh. He silently cursed the dog’s luck.

“Oh, Max, he’s so precious. Is he yours?”

The delight on her face made him smile. He snapped to attention, hands at his sides and face forward. “This is Harry, Lady Jennifer. He is a fierce defender of damsels in distress and he is here to protect you, like a knight in shining armor.”

She gasped and then laughed again. The puppy had his paw tangled in her hair and was pulling madly.

“Owww, I think you better have a talk with him. He thinks he is here to pull my hair out.”

With her head angled toward the yanking, she moved closer to Max. “I’m afraid you will have to rescue me first. Please hurry before I’m yanked bald.”

Her eyes sparkled as he lifted his hands to unravel the mess, a sweet lavender scent teasing his nostrils.


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