I received an early Christmas present this year — my name in print on a book cover. “Love’s Secret Fire” became available as a paperback and I ordered one. Well, truth be told, I ordered a dozen but that’s not the point. I only needed one to see my name printed on the bookcover.

That was my goal. Sure, I was excited to sign a contract in June with Crimson Romance to publish my first novel. It was a step toward a lifelong goal of publishing a romance novel.

You bet I was thrilled when my book became available as an e-book on Sept. 24 and people started telling me they had read it — and liked it. It was a life accomplishment.

But to see my name in print — to hold the book in my hand and read the author’s name — it was a dream come true.

As a journalist, I never lost the rush I felt when I saw my byline atop a story. Put it on the front page and I was giddy. Put it on a bookcover — my bookcover — oh man. I was speechless.

Like a little kid, I want to do it again. My goal for 2013 will be another book, another contract, another bookcover.

Thank you Santa!


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