For the last three weeks, I promoted my book through a Goodreads-sponsored giveaway. I offered two books free, signed and delivered in time for Valentine’s Day.

Heat up your Valentine’s Day with “Love’s Secret Fire” I offered. It was the first time I’d tried something like this and I embarked on the giveaway with some reservations because all writers are basically insecure. What if no one was interested? What if the campaign was a flop? I’m relatively unheard of, maybe no one wants a book by a new kid.

Days after the giveaway launched, I took my first peek at the numbers. Wow! I’d broken 100. If I reached 200, I’d be happy. Cautiously, I checked back in a week – oooh – I had 246 folks interested. I was happy.

Yesterday, the contest closed with a whopping 554 entries. I am thrilled. My winners, selected by the good folks at Goodreads, live in Ohio and Washington State. I happily sent their signed books off to them yesterday.

Thanks to all who entered the contest. You gave my confidence an incredible boost. And maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win my next book! Stay tuned.


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