I attended a writing workshop earlier this year that focused on man speak — you know, the way men talk. It’s different from the way women speak, primarily because men see things differently than women. It’s the men-are-from-mars-women-are-from-venus theory.

The workshop was presented by B.A. Binns, YA author, and what she said not only made sense, it stuck with me. Her workshop helps me keep my male characters manly. Here is some of what I learned:

♦ A man speaks to give out information or express his opinion.  He doesn’t care if you think it’s a good idea and he won’t qualify a sentence by saying, “I don’t know about you, but …” He just says what he thinks/wants.

♦ He won’t use adjectives to enhance his thought and he doesn’t do flowery. For a man, something is never marvelous or wonderful. It is okay, maybe even good.

♦ A color will never be crimson or lime. Guys will see red or green.

♦ Women use conversation to bond. Men use conversation to convey information or express an opinion, usually without emotion. You’ll never hear a man say “I bought this for you because the minute I saw it, the blue color made me think of your eyes.”

A man will shove it at you and say “This is for you.”

♦ Men are highly visual and sex is an important part of their brain map. They won’t notice high cheekbones or sky blue eyes, at least not at first. They will focus on other body parts.

I’ve been told my male characters are truly “male” — I thank B.A. Binns for her wisdom.


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