We all think we have so much time and yet events in my private life recently have underscored just how precious little time we have … and how valuable it is.

I tear a page from my calendar each day thinking, “That’s one day closer to my Sept. 24 release date.” I’ve gotten a sneak peek at my book cover — wait til you see it!! — and I’m counting the minutes until I can publish it. This is such an exciting time in my life.

And yet, time is ticking away for my twin brother at a horrifying pace.  In a short two weeks he has fallen from a strong, vibrant father, brother, friend and businessman to a victim of pancreatic cancer. He doesn’t see himself as a victim; he’s ready to fight as we all are. And fight we will.

But do we have enough time?

They say the best stories are written by authors who “write what they know.”

My heroine, Valerie Daniels, fights for her twin brother in “Love’s Secret Fire.” It’s an insight, friends have said, into my relationship with my twin, Ron.

And I too am fighting. I just don’t know if I have enough time.


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