People ask me what I do all day.

It’s hard being a writer. First of all, I’m plagued with self-doubt — even now, when folks tell me they adore “Love’s Secret Fire,” and rave that they couldn’t put it down, I wonder if they are simply being nice. I know it’s a good story – but then, what do I know?

I love my characters. Adam is the kind of man every woman wants and Valerie, we’ll she’s strong and confident — something we all strive for.

Being a writer is a solitary endeavor. It’s just me in the office, writing, rewriting, reading out loud and wondering if it’s any good. Well, I do have my sweet Jaxson at my feet. But he snoozes through my toils.

Being a writer takes commitment. I treat it like a job at the 7-11, scheduling regular hours when I have to be in my chair to “work.” Literally, when I make my list of things to do for the day, such as laundry, walk the dog, exercise, I also list WRITE.

Because the only way to write a book is to write.

So that’s what I do — every day


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