Only three days and a wake-up until my book is released. You’re about to meet Valerie and Adam.

Here’s a peek to whet your appetite:

          Adam turned, cocked his head, and looked at Valerie. She had one hand on the desk and was leaning back on that arm, trying to strike a provocative pose. She watched him with half-closed eyes. He slowly closed the file drawer.

          “I thought you didn’t like country western.”

          She smiled and fluttered her eyelashes, except it looked more like she had dirt under a contact lens. “I never really meant that.”

          He resisted laughing out loud. “Really?”

          He took three steps toward her, into her space, moving as close as he could without making physical contact. His heart was beating faster than normal and the scent of her perfume teased his nostrils. He towered over her, and she had to look up to give him that come-hither look. He’d bet it took all of her reserve not to flinch.

          “Ever had a cowboy?” Her face was flawless, the skin on her throat as smooth as glass. Damn tempting.

          She swallowed hard. “Not yet,” she whispered.


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